Why is Pre Need Important For Your Family?

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), funerals and burials are among the most expensive purchases older Americans make. The average cost for an adult funeral ranges from $4,500 to $5,500 and is expected to increase steadily over the next decade. One of the biggest advantages of prearranging is the ability to lock-in many of these expenditures at today’s prices, regardless of what they may cost in the future.

The number of people choosing to pre fund their funerals has dramatically increased over the last decade. Most do so after witnessing or personally experiencing the complicated and expensive process of planning and paying for a funeral. The fact that more and more people are prearranging indicates that most people recognize it as a valuable investment, as well as a loving and thoughtful gesture.

Funeral planning involves the relatively easy process of making plans for your own funeral-or that of a loved one-well in advance of need. It is no less practical, no less important, and no more complicated than planning for college tuition, a future wedding, a new home or retirement. Likewise, the advantages and benefits are no less valuable.
  1. Prearranging is the most selfless gift of love one can give.
  2. Is a very economical move. By prearranging, consumers lock in today’s prices for the future. This protects consumers and their family from future inflation.
  3. Removes the burden of making a major financial decision on the worse day of a loved one’s life. If planning the funeral today is difficult, imagine how hard it will be for loved ones to plan it at the actual time of need.
  4. Takes away the fear for your loved one of having to make hasty funeral decisions alone. It takes away the fear of making incorrect decisions and overspending.
  5. Gives loved ones peace of mind in knowing that they have taken this obligation off of the family.
  6. Gives the loved ones peace of mind to know that they do not have to second guess your desires.
  7. May help families qualify for Medicaid assistance.
  8. Can be paid for through easy monthly payments rather than paying cash at the actual time of need.
  9. Allows consumers the opportunity to have dignity to the end if they outlive their savings.
  10. Allows consumers to arrange all the details to reflect their own wishes. Nothing has changed, you have always known that if you want to be certain that things are done right, you do it yourself.

What is Pre Need Insurance?

Preneed Insurance is simply the funding vehicle that is used by the funeral home you choose when prearranging your funeral. By funding your arrangements through GFS’s carriers, you can be assured that your funds and funeral selection are safe and secure backed by our history of providing nearly a century of financial service to our members. And, GFS offers a wide range of product options that enable your preplanning process to be as simple and easy as possible.

What is the benefit of preplanning my funeral now?

By making funeral arrangement yourself, not only are you relieving the burden that your loved ones will face upon death, but you have the assurance that your wishes will be documented and carried out as you have chosen.

Why should I prepay when I make my prearrangements?

You will save money by ensuring that the services and products you have selected will be provided at the time of your death when your funeral home uses a GFS Preneed Product. Pre Funding also eliminates the situation of causing your family to have to pay extra at the time of your death.

What payment plans are available for Preneed?

Although single payments eliminate any further consideration on your part, GFS’s carriers offers payment plans over three years, five years, seven years and ten years that are available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual increments. You may also choose to have monthly withdrawals made automatically from your checking account.

If I make prearrangements with my hometown funeral home and later move to a different city, can my funeral prearrangement be transferred?

Yes, with GFS Preneed products, you retain ownership rights to change the named funeral home and also designate a different beneficiary should you wish to do so in the future.
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